FIRST SUNDAY OF 2020, 5TH January.

The service started with an opening prayer by Pastor Michael Agbeve, followed by Royal City Choiresters in praises and worship songs and the atmosphere were charged, while the praises was going on,


The man of God, Apostle Chris mount the pulpit under the anointing, and led the church under the worship atmosphere, and thank the Lord for bringing the church into 2020. He said the team for this year 2020 is MY YEAR FOR PERFECTION, what ever we do this year must be perfected.

SERMON: PERFECTION: He said Perfection can be define as an action or process of improving something until it is faultless. (Paslm 138:8 KJV ) The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endure for ever: for sake not the works of thine own hands. He said for you to get a perfect Year you must have a relationship with God, Perfection will not just come to you, there is a need for us to draw more closer to God this year 2020.

Feet washing Sunday, it’s our custom here In Royal City Ambassadors Church Int’l, every first Sunday of the new year, we wash our feet, in other to keep us fit in 2020. (Exodus 30: 21)

The service ended in praise.

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