Sunday live service kicked off with mind Renewal teachings. Pst. Festus took us through Sunday school session which lasted for about minutes (45) which was pretty lively and very interactive. Pst. Esther led the congregants through the section of opening prayer, And our very own amazing Royal Choristers set the atmosphere at ease with breathtaking worship and praise ministration which lasted for another thirty minutes (30). Bringing down the presence of the HOLYSPIRIT as the man of God Apostle Chris mounted the Pulpit. He shared his testimony with the entire congregations, Honoring and Reverencing the most high, showing appreciation to God Almighty for raising his son Frederick Osinachi Ashigba (Kwesi) through tender mercies and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ back to life.


 He proceeded to preaching to listeners a Sermon titled: “THE BENEFIT OF KINGDOM BUILDING”. He started with a Scenario that God’s kingdom likened to the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve once lived in. According to the book of ‘Genesis 2:8’, Adam and Eve were placed in such a beautiful paradise to manage and maintain it according to God’s will and purpose. In order to serve God well, first of all one needs to put on the full armour of servant hood.  As a servant of God you need to have the right attitudes towards the service of God and humanity. Haggai 2:3. All these can be achieved through Integrity, a humble spirit and meekness of the heart. For it is impossible for an individual to say he/she is spiritual and not serve God. According to the  Biblical history many people such as Abraham, Enoch, Elijah etc. were referred to as God’s servant because of the services they rendered to God.   


        Willfully rendering service is a proof of submission, Note that where the focus of a person is, that’s exactly where their interest lies. Under no circumstance would you serve wholeheartedly an entity or an organization that you are not submitted to.  For services requires commitment, love, trust and values.  The beauty of serving in God’s Kingdom brings recognition, honor and upliftment.( Proverbs 27: 18), says anyone that serves God will not lack anointing (Palms 89:20)

Apst. Chris ended the sermon with Urging Everyone to invest in Kingdom building. In so doing you are unconsciously touching the heart of God for positive turn around in the lives of many.

Fellow believers shared their testimonies and the service for that day ended peacefully

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