Our General Overseer ‘Apostle Chris Ashigba’ commenced today’s live service with an opening prayer, He led the entire congregants to seek the face of the most high God in a prayer section that lasted for few minutes, pleading for God’s mercies to rid this fast spreading disease (CORONA VIRUS)  that has brought heartaches to many. Apostle’s view and perception of this disease he says is a medium that will bring back as many who have strayed away from God and the kingdom of God, A channel that will make many humble and reverence the almighty like never before irrespective of race and tribes.

Minutes later Pastor Victor komolafe mounted the pulpit and continued his teachings on the series titled ‘NEW YEAR’s RESOLUTION’ part 2 ‘Confidence to Face the Future’. He explained to the audience that the most important thing God want for us is to live and enjoy a perfect future in good health and absolute peace. For the race to the future is a marathon race not a sprint race. God did not design humans to live for a short while. Neither does he want us to be hasty about the future. Running a marathon race comes with difficult challenges that could put your strength to test but you still need to strive and be courageous.

          You don’t need to exhaust your strength so quickly in this journey of life.Eccl.9:11. Further explains the fact that the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong. Matt. 24:13. Also said its for those who endures to the end, and life is not about beginning things but finishing things.

Luke 15:4-7 explains how much God cherishes a sinner, for God loves us all equally and embraces everyone who has fallen off track. He gave room for change and true repentance. If the world does not need you, you will not be given birth to. Isaiah 14:10 your future is trapped inside of you. for God gave to all living, the breathe of life that we might live for  as long as he permits to fulfill our ordained mission on earth according to his will and purpose. For he knows the very end from the beginning Jeremiah 29:11. Eph. 1:3-5 God did not prepare our future for preparation’s sake, for it was in love that we were predestined. Yes indeed God is love.

Phil. 1:6. The Future has no end till Christ returns. Even in our shortcomings, in strength, efforts and weakness, we are liberated and victorious because our entire being was created with and still remains in LOVE. What confidence do you have to face Judgment?? 1 john 4:16-17.

In conclusion, the confidence to face the future is based on the love of God for us, and the confidence to face God in judgment is our love for God and within ourselves. Job 8:7 was used to pray.

Believers shared their testimonies of God’s faithfulness and unfailing love in their lives.

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