Apostle Chris Ashigba, the General Overseer of Royal City Ambassadors Church. Through the Grace of Christ Jesus, He is one of many Individuals out there who through Divine calling Humbly Submitted to God (Isaiah 6:8)


Born to Chief and Mrs. Julius and Victoria Ashigba into the family of Nine (9) as the second child on the 20th Dec. 1973. He hails from Ossissa Ndokwa East Local Govt Area Delta State Nigeria he attended Umueze primary school in Ossissa, and Later traveled to His Uncle (Mr. Sunday Uyabeme) who lives in Asaba where he attended Niger secondary school and was a class prefect from (JSS 3- SS 3). After Completing Secondary Education, Apostle Chris then moved to Warri in Delta State to acquire Mechanical skill as an Apprentice under Mr. Odinga Onwusinkwe “Biamor Motors” for three (3yrs) years which was a success.

What a Beautiful way to Approach life, becoming his very own Boss was like a Dream come true. Apostle Chris decided to set up his own Workshop after Completing his Apprenticeship training. All of the Experiences, and Knowledge that he had Acquired from his Master. He was able to set up his Mechanical Shop which he named” NASCO MOTORS”. The business was booming, plus he had eight (8), Apprentices. But the terrible blow came in 2007, The Unexpected happened. Due to Infrastructure and Road Construction, the Government of Delta State decided to Demolish Structures along Jakpa Effurun road and my Workshop was Demolished. After Deep thoughts and so many calculations, Apostle Chris Ashigba decided to travel out of Nigeria.


An opportunity came knocking when Apostle Chris got into Contact with a Lady called “Susan” who Resides in Canada, she offered to help him travel to Canada. At that moment, there was great Joy and Relief. The mere thoughts of new dawn brought hope and something to look forward to. Apostle Chris was told to Submit his “C. V and RESUME” in order to Apply for fourth-year Apprenticeship training Under “CHRYSLER DODGE MOTORS” in Alberta Calgary Canada which he did. Days later he was called for an Interview on Phone which lasted for Two hours (2hrs) which turned out successful. Apostle was told to wait for LABOUR MARKET OPINION (L.M.O) document which never came. While waiting for the aforementioned document, Lady Susan sent an Invitation letter from Canada.

He went and applied for a Canadian Visa but was denied. Susan was notified and She suggested that He should try Getting a Visa to Barbados in the Caribbean Island through a traveling agent. At this point, Apostle Chris sold all he had, Got into Contact with a traveling Agent, Paid the required Fee, and handed his Passport to the Agent with the Agreement that He will get the Necessary things done Within a Month. But the Agent turned out to be a Scoundrel with no Scruples. Apostle became Frustrated. After many anticipations, trying to find his way out of the messy situation, He found himself in the Streets of Accra Ghana on the 6th of June 2008 He began to fellowship with Calvary Faith Church and served as an Usher. After some time in his Quest to seek Divine Intervention, he decided to undergo 21 days Fast and Prayer at Gloryland Chapel International in 2009. That was where his Journey into Ministry and becoming an Apostle began. During the Fast and Prayer with Divine help the Holy Spirit, his eyes were Opened and He had a self-Revelation. There he was told that he was born for Signs and Wonders.

He was to proclaim the Gospel of Christ Jesus. He later recalled that sometime back home in Warri, in a room which he shared with six (6) other Guys. There was a picture of Jesus Christ hanging on the wall. It was a Sunday Morning; All the Other Guys had gone to the nearby Roman Catholic Church for Service. So, he was home alone. Right there he had his First Encounter with God. He heard a Stern Voice telling him, he was to Proclaim his Holy word and this Happened on three different Occasions. After the third encounter, the Picture fell off the wall. Later that same day, He got on his motorbike, while driving on a tarred road, he accidentally ran into a Lady Standing by the Roadside. That was where he did his First Major Miracle. That very Moment God Ministered to him to lay his hands on the head of the Lady where there was a Lump and it Slowly Diminished.

On the Fifth Day of the Fast, Apostle was called out by prophet ‘FRANK ASARE’ in the Middle of Church Service and was told that the call of God was upon his life to Proclaim the Gospel of Christ and make Impacts. As a Matter of Facts that wasn’t what He wanted to hear at that moment. His Interest and Concern was to travel to Canada. After many speculations, in 2010 He finally decided to attend a Bible School at Word of Faith Bible Institute’ WOFB’I (Winners Chapel int’l headquarters at North Kaneshie Accra Ghana). There He studied the Basic and Leadership course and was given His Certificates. Sept. 8, 2012, Apostle was Ordained an Apostle by Bishop Michael Arthur under “Kingdom Association of Charismatic Clergy” (KACCI). With a humble heart, God raised a Young Man who was a Nobody, nurtured him, and turned him into a Minister of the Gospel. Attracting People from different Backgrounds, Tribes, and all walks of life into Witnessing the True Reality of God’s Power.


He began a Prayer Band with six (6) Persons, Three Ladies, Two men, and Apostle himself at Galilea Football Park. After a while, He rented a mini- space from Lady Betty. This lasted for a year (Sept 2012-Sept 2013). By the special grace of God, in 2013 precisely the month of October he was able to secure a place. There God was and is still performing Miracles Through Apostle Chris till present.

What an Internal awake!!!!!!

20th October 2013 Apostle Officially Started Royal City Ambassadors Church. Where the True Word of the Living God is been Taught to Followers, we believe in the Teachings of the Holy Bible and in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.