The Ministry is purposefully designed to teach the young ones in the Church to live for Jesus Christ in this end-time where depravity is on the ascendancy.

Our aims and objectives are as follows:

  • To teach and train the youth with the word of God so that they could grow spiritually and live godly lives in Christ.
  • To train the youth in personal evangelism to enable them to evangelize to their peers.
  • To help the youth develop the qualities of good leadership to take up responsibilities in the church
  • To assist young people in developing their God-given gifts and talent
  • To organize activities that will sustain the interest of young people in the church, as the future of the church rests on them.

The Youth Ministry exists to mobilize and equip the youth through strategic programs and seasoned tools for them to live for Christ everywhere, make Him known to the world by employing a maze of evangelistic strategies, and positively impact Church and Society.